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Welcome to The Social Impact World!

Welcome to The Social Impact World!

Welcome to our redesigned website and our new blog! We are very excited to start sharing our experiences and adventures in the social impact world after vast learning through our founding years.

Digital Union was started through a combination of our experiences in the corporate, entrepreneurship, marketing and social sectors. It has been an amazing journey growing the company. We developed our own methodology and, most importantly, tested our offerings with companies large and small in different verticals. In helping companies increase both social and financial profits, one question guides us:

How can a company use their core competencies to help transform and impact people, organizations and communities?

It’s not business as usual anymore. Consumers want to buy from businesses that put some good back in the world. Millennials, who’ll make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, want to work at these businesses.

At the same time, social technology gives consumers unprecedented power, voice and ability to organize themselves around shared values. Armed with up-to-the-minute information through posts or tweets, consumers now use their broadcasting power to spread the word on companies they’re passionate about. With today’s social technology, impact is image. Social impact is the new currency of business.

All of that means corporate social responsibility is evolving, too. And that’s where we come in. We believe that giving back means more — and can accomplish much more — when you use the power of your business, its stakeholder system and your products or services to create social impact in the world. This new approach attracts and keeps the best employees, wins the hearts of customers, invigorates your relationships with your stakeholders and positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

A day in the life of Digital Union means joyously helping companies fuse profit and purpose by building social impact strategies and programs. Our approach takes what your company is already great at making or providing and uses these products or services to create impact in the world. Social impact strategy moves beyond generic solutions, and it connects directly to your business strategy.

Your social impact strategy is unique to your company. It inspires and unites your stakeholders — from your employees to your suppliers to your customers —to create more value for everyone. It generates opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage.

During our first two years, we worked with over 50 companies. In whiteboard sessions with founders and CEOs, we gained knowledge of their companies, skills and stakeholder systems. This allowed us to build and fine-tune our methodology based on real companies with successful products and services.

This experience proved to be invaluable as we learned about so many industries — from fiberglass to finance to law firms to multinational corporations. Watching the reaction of our customers after each Discover session is one of the most rewarding feelings for us. Something amazing happens as companies and leaders realize that they can use their skills and their company’s resources to create impact in our communities while increasing their profits when they are transparent about their efforts.

Our mission is to inspire greatness in people. We’ve heard many people scoff at the phrase “be the change,” as if it is unobtainable. We don’t see it that way. We have the opportunity to change this world every day. We want the work of our lives to be a living expression of this inspiration.

Join the journey with us and get in touch with Digital Union anytime. Be a part of the #socent community @thedigitalunion.

Maggie & Hector

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