About Us

Why Digital Union?

It’s not business as usual anymore. Consumers want to buy from businesses that put some good back in the world. Millennials, who’ll make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, want to work at these businesses.

At the same time, social technology gives consumers unprecedented power, voice and ability to organize themselves around shared values.

Armed with up-to-the-minute information through posts or tweets, consumers now use their broadcasting power to spread the word on companies they’re passionate about.

With today’s social technology, impact is image. Social impact is the new currency of business.

All of that means corporate social responsibility is evolving, too. And that’s where we come in. We’re Digital Union. Our founders took everything they learned from the worlds of business and philanthropy and started teaching companies how to make a difference for others while driving their own business results.

We believe that giving back means more — and can accomplish much more — when you use the power of your business, its stakeholder system and your products or services to create change in the world. This new approach attracts and keeps the best employees, wins the hearts of customers, invigorates your relationships with your stakeholders and positions you as a thought leader in your industry.

Digital Union helps you fuse Purpose and Profit.

What Is a Social Impact Strategy?

Companies with a social impact strategy fuse what they do to make money with how they create impact in the world. Their strategy includes their stakeholders, and it creates values for all. When done right, a social impact strategy creates change in the world while elevating the company’s brands and attracting more consumers.

What does that look like?

A technology consulting firm providing training and jobs to students in need through a project that simultaneously boosts small businesses through access to technology

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A maker of air purifiers starting programs to address childhood asthma that is worsened by systematic poverty conditions

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A financing company helping low-income women become business owners through microfinance and education

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We can help you develop your own social impact strategy and bring it to life. Our proven strategies and programs will show you how building the bottom line and building a better world go hand in hand.

The Evolution of Business Giving:

Corporate Philanthropy

This is a classic approach to philanthropy, such as writing a check to a preferred cause.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is about minimizing your company's social or environmental harm.

Social Impact Strategy

Now we’re talking. This approach takes what your company is already great at making or providing and uses these products or services to create impact in the world. Social impact strategy moves beyond generic solutions, and it connects directly to your business strategy.

Your social impact strategy is unique to your company. It inspires and unites your stakeholders — from your employees to your suppliers to your customers —to create more value for everyone. It generates opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage.

This is the future of business.
And we can help you be part of it.

Leadership and Expertise

We know purpose. We know business. And we found a pretty great way to combine our passions.

The Purpose Expert:
Maggie Miller

18+ years in the social sector specializing in program management and evaluation, including:

  • Founder and former Executive Director, DiscoverHope
  • Social sector management expert, Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Director of Impact Programs, Tariq Khamisa Foundation
  • International microfinance research fellow, FINCA microfinance institution
  • Chief of Impact & Operations, Consuela Inc.
  • More about Maggie: Profiles in Power award from the Austin Business Journal. Outstanding Humanitarian Award from 10,000 Villages Austin. Chicago suburbs native. Sister to 7. Aunt to 26. Former college soccer player. Organizational management fanatic.


“People intoxicate me. I get to bridge the most important parts of my life through this work: Inspire. Lift. Transform. Savor life. Let laughter cleanse. Practice compassion. Celebrate.”

The Business Veteran:
Hector Dominguez

20+ years in the technology industry specializing in business development and building global consulting teams, including:

  • Co-founder and CEO, VerdTek Inc. technology consulting firm (social impact strategy: GenerationTek)
  • Manager of teams in Latin America and the Americas for 10+ years, IBM Tivoli
  • IT management for a myriad of technology startups, 20+ years
  • More about Hector: Founding board member and treasurer, Conscious Capitalism Austin Chapter. Board member, DiscoverHope. Mexico City native. Techie since elementary school. Dad of 2. Soccer and martial arts enthusiast.


“Consumers have unprecedented power to shape the political and business landscapes. They are voting with their pockets to instigate change. It is time to use the power of business to alleviate social issues around the world. Those who do so transparently will be rewarded with financial and social profits.”

The Business Strategist:
Edgar Meza

15+ years in the government and financial industry in doing valuations, project finance and investment strategy in the US and throughout MX, including:

  • CEO of Corporativo Tomate a Mexico City-based digital services agency with a global vision
  • Board member of educational institution Instituto Universitario y de Investigacion Ortega Vasconcelos.
  • Founder and President of Emprendedores con Causa dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship througout Mexico
  • Investor in various startups in Real Estate, Technology, Financial Services and Energy
  • More about Edgar: Directs the Digital Union headquarters in Mexico City, father of two amazing kids that keep him active 24/7, sports statistics junkie, thrives on competition and wine.
“Millennials are creating the most relevant shake up to market leaders in recent history, therefore organizations must be flexible and invest in innovation to survive. We live in the startup era where information is available to all, so the magic for success is how you interpret it and how courageous you are about accepting change.”

Combining Our Worlds to Maximize Business Results

As founders, we are genuine and passionate about our ability to inspire greatness in people and the world. As a team, we bring different experiences and expertise but share the goal of building platforms that unleash human potential.

Our divergent styles, perspectives and networks combine respectfully and seamlessly to offer a real-world view on building business and a life of meaning. And most importantly, joy is central to everything we do.

We work with magnetic people and transformational ideas. There’s nothing more wonderful for us than to blend ideas and exceptional conviction with the right solution. This formula yields businesses with positive power for the world, and we are proud of that.

We were interested in creating a social impact program around our products that was genuine and made a real impact in people's lives.  Through working sessions with our key stakeholders they helped us to boil our program down to three themes and then created an overall program — AirLift.  … A key part of our program's success was aligning ourselves with a reputable organization, and they worked tirelessly to find the premier asthma program for students in the country and completed the partnership curation process.~Oransi