How We Work

There’s a lot to decide when you adopt a social impact strategy: What’s the best way to create impact in the world using the power of your company? How should you get started?

We make it easier for you with a trusted process that includes clear goals, steps and benefits that tie to your company and industry.

Our founders combined their track records in the social and business sectors to develop processes that get results:


Get clear and find how to tie your company work to impact

It all starts here. Our Discover process reveals how your company can use your core strengths to start doing great things in local and global communities through an innovative social impact brand. Working with us on the Discover phase will energize you and open your eyes to all the possibilities for what your business can do. And it’s fun, we promise. We’ll leave you with an action and idea map that you can act on, no matter what!

What Happens During Discover
We’ll bring company leaders together for a Whiteboard Discovery Session that covers …

  • Your company’s core offerings, your capabilities, how you want to grow and what’s going on in your industry
  • Your company’s values
  • How to involve your stakeholders to maximize the power of your social impact programs
  • Ideas about connecting core competencies to purpose

What You Get From Discover

  • A purpose for your company that blends profit and social good
  • High-level ideas for social impact programs based on the Discover session and Digital Union’s research
  • An action plan to develop your social impact programs
  • A map of your company’s core ideology
  • Background data and information on the benefits of social impact
  • High-level marketing recommendations to bring social impact into your company branding


Enlist your stakeholders to power up your results

Now it’s time to add some members to your social impact team. During our Activate program, we bring your company’s stakeholders — customers, team members, supply chain vendors, industry leaders and others — into your new plans. We find ways to utilize your stakeholders’ services, products, capital and capabilities and to increase your marketing outreach and social media impressions through your stakeholders. Amazing things happen when you and your stakeholders come together for good. The focus shifts from transactions to relationships and partnerships. Your new motivation mantra: How can we create as much value as possible for everyone?

What Happens During Activate
We go to your stakeholders to get insights on how to refine, expand and build on your social impact strategy. We do this by …

  • Mapping your company stakeholder system
  • Identifying specific stakeholders for personal interviews or focus groups
  • Curating relationships with potential social sector partners

What You Get From Activate

  • A Stakeholder Activation Report with all key findings
  • Feedback from your stakeholders to build on your social impact strategy
  • Possible partnership/collaboration opportunities with business and community stakeholders
  • Content for communicating with your stakeholders about your social impact programs
  • Long-term relationship returns with your stakeholders that go beyond profit


Unite and excite your employees around using their skills and job roles to achieve social impact goals

Spark will supercharge your company culture by inspiring employees to embrace and advance your business and your social impact initiatives. Companies that do Spark sessions reap the benefits in a couple of incredible ways. Employees contribute ideas that amp up the effectiveness of your social initiatives. And coming together to build something positive connects and motivates your team.

What Happens During Spark
We’ll lead a session at your headquarters with your employees (your full team or a subset) to get them talking about ways your company can thrive by doing great things for others. At this session, we’ll …

  • Introduce employees to your Purpose + Profit map and show how your initiative connects to key company values and resources
  • Guide brainstorming exercises and breakout groups to gather employees’ ideas to strengthen your social impact strategy
  • Build employee enthusiasm for your social impact initiative

What You Get From Spark

  • The Spark Employee Session Report with all the information we collect
  • Defined or refined company values
  • A roadmap for your social impact program based on the ideas from the Spark and Activate (if applicable) processes


Bring your plans to life with our help

Discover, Spark and Activate are all about gathering information and creating a roadmap for your social impact program. In the Implement stage, we put those plans into action for you — and we do it in a way that’s customized to what you need.

What Happens During Implement
Implement looks different for every company. Examples of what we can do for you during the Implement phase include …

  • Arrange stakeholder agreements on action and participation and create a document getting everyone on the same page about what you want to accomplish
  • Provide monthly social impact team training, activities and coaching to strengthen your culture of Purpose + Profit
  • Develop ways to measure the success of your social impact program
  • Excite customers about what you’re doing through public launch



Get clear and find how to tie your company work to impact


Enlist your stakeholders to power up your results


Unite and excite your employees around social impact goals


Bring your impact plans to life with our help


Tell the world about the good you're doing and make social impact part of your brand

What You Get From Implement

  • Program implementation to support your new social impact strategy
  • Strategic partnership development with your stakeholder system, including community organizations or international NGOs
  • Wider awareness of your social impact work, leading to loyalty, participation, referrals and new business
  • Increased exposure to new customers
  • Greater differentiation from competitors
  • A team that is centered in your core values and committed to building the company on a profit + purpose platform
  • Increase employee retention, participation and happiness
  • Greater appeal to solution-oriented Millennials who highly value social good alongside profit


Tell the world about the good you’re doing and make social impact part of your brand

Now that you have a social impact plan, it’s critical to invest in a transparent and compelling marketing strategy that makes social impact part of your brand and promotes this new brand both within your company and to your customers

What Happens During Promote
For our Promote offerings, we can work with your PR or marketing teams or bring in our qualified professionals. Promote can include:

  • Technology strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • PR strategy
  • Fiscal strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Marketing and branding strategy
  • Social innovation entrepreneurship competitions

What You Get From Promote

  • Maximized social media impressions and presence
  • Coherent branding to promote your social impact brand
  • Engagement of consumers through relational communication and transparent social media
  • Thought leadership in your industry

Customize Your Impact Plan

We have a “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach to creating your company’s Purpose + Profit social impact strategy. All of our projects involve the Discover phase as the first step. Beyond that, you choose the areas where we help. We are flexible and adaptable, and we know that every company has its own unique culture and story. If you’d like us to collaborate with you on every phase, we recommend this order:

We brought Digital Union on to help us find clarity and purpose as well evaluate the opportunity size for our programs, and our expectations were absolutely exceeded. They went above and beyond and brought a level of creativity and strategic thinking that was critical for our program; our work provided a solid ROI for us and their support on the project led to a new growth path that has amplified our impact and also provided a new energy and excitement around the project. If the opportunity presents itself in the future to work with Digital Union again, we would engage without reservation!